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Customer center

We are the Sales Team of Daeduck Philippines Inc.

Our main role is to support our customer demand, answer and escalate customer’s concern and establish good business relationship with our customer.

We are imbued to good quality service to our valued customer and assure on-time delivery of our product.

We are the analyst who analyzes customer needs and market trend that identify the linkages.

We are the information provider who is expected to keep our company and customer into one goal and one direction.

We are the strategist or the “soldier in the field” who evolve strategy and intelligent decisions during hard times & encountering difficult situations.

It would be our pleasure to do business with you and we look forward to implement a long-term relationship with such opportunities in the future. We assure you that our quality products will serve the needs of your customers’ and you will not find any complain in working with us.

Thank you very much!


Environment Policy

As a company specialized in the manufacture of PCBs, we, Daeduck Phil. Inc. are always in pursuit of creating environment - friendly products for the conservation of the global environment.

To efficiently maintain environmental management system, we are committed to giving environmental conservation full consideration in all aspects.

  • To attain environmental policy, objectives and targets will be set and implemented.
  • To comply with environment - related legislation, furthermore set and control independent internal criteria so as to seek continual improvements of environment and enhancement of environmental quality.
  • To minimize wastes and environmental polluting substances by means of promoting the reduction of resources and efficient use of energy in all aspect of operations.
  • To open the environment - related information to the interested parties , if required, and contribute to the conservation of environment.
  • To drive the positive training and public relations in order to build up the consciousness of environment and its implementation.
  • To implement internal environmental audits so as to verify the achievement of objectives and the effectiveness of environmental management system.
  • The civil official of the environment body burden where the customer provides and the product where the environment body burden is not included for the production it endeavors continuously.


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