About Us
Force of the digital which is not visible, it opens the start of the possibility which is infinite

Company Overview

Our Mission

“DDPI aims to contribute to the welfare of Human Race through the Advancement of Technology by providing High Quality PCB’s, Technical Innovations, and supporting Research and Development.”

Our Vision

“DDPI envisioned itself to be the Best PCB Shop, Specialized and Competitive in the field of Advanced PCB Manufacturing for the Automotive and Electronics Industry.”


DDPI, an acronym for Daeduck Philippines Incorporated, was founded in Rosario, Cavite, Philippines in 1996 as part of the Daeduck Group of Companies through the joint partnerships and investments of Daeduck Electronics Co. Ltd.,, Daeduck GDS and DRI. Its mother company, Daeduck Electronics Co., Ltd., which specializes in PCB manufacturing, was established in South Korea in 1972.

In Korea, Dae Ryung Industries (DRI) started its PCB manufacturing in 1987 and all its PCB facilities were later transferred to the Philippines in 1993. On March 01, 1996, Daeduck Electronics Co., Ltd. took over DRI PCB Manufacturing Division and is now known as Daeduck Phils., Inc. (DDPI). DDPI started its operations on March 15, 1996 by acquiring state of the art automated machines and test equipment, complemented by a full range of support facilities and a work force of highly skilled personnel.

DDPI has established its name both in the local and foreign PCB market by providing high quality products and timely services for its customers. As one of the Top Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers in the Philippines, producing single sided (S/S), double sided (D/S), and multi layer boards (MLB), for the Electronics and Automotive Industry, the company has moved on to producing specialized PCB’s such as Heat Sink PCB, Heavy Copper, Blind Route, Impedance Controlled, Carbon Contact & Silver Jumper Board and Metal Based PCB.

As evidence on the conformity to product requirements, system, and services, DDPI has been certified to: ISO 9002:1994 (Certificate No. Q2-97-03-28626-001) in 1997; QS 9000:9002 (Certificate No. 12 101 15057) in July 2001; ISO / TS 16949(Certificate No. 12 111 15057 TMS) in March 2005; and then to ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 in August 2005. DDPI is continually acquiring Quality Management Systems certifications and affiliations with Local and International Organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories (Registration No. E112833), IPC, and SEIPI.

Management Policy

Flexibility for Customer’s Satisfaction through:

  • Advanced Technology
  • Perfect Quality
  • Quick Response
  • Just-in-Time Delivery
  • Competitive Cost
  • Environment
  • Health and Safety